Weekend Wrap-up: What were people watching Sunday night

By Joe DiSipio

Sunday passed without a single meaningful NFL football game to be watched for the first week since the summer.

Fans were left with the often ridiculed, often ignored Pro Bowl. Entertainment seekers had a choice: fake football or awards celebrating those who pretend for a living.

Despite it’s relatively nonexistent competition, the annual Screen Actors Guild Awards could not stack up.


Hoosiers’ searches for the Pro Bowl dominated those related to the awards’ show.

Searches related to the football all star game were about four times more popular than SAG searches at the peak of each’s search interest score.

Even before either event started, the Pro Bowl was slightly more popular.


After the end of the game and as the final award was handed out, the SAG Awards show took it’s only search lead. Viral moments such as Winona Ryder’s facial expressions may have contributed to this short-lived take over for the Hollywood stars.

Football soon ruled again.

The NFL has struggled all year with alleged dwindling interest due to quality of the games and wider knowledge about the risks of the game.

Sunday was no different as the Pro Bowl scored just a 5.0 overnight rating for viewership, down significantly from past years.

Fewer people tuned in, yet millions of loyal fans still chose to watch a meaningless game rather than follow along one of TV and film’s biggest award ceremonies.

Football still reigns as America’s choice entertainment option, or least choice Google search.



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