Looking back on Hoosier joblessness under Obama

A visual compilation of monthly reports of the unemployment rates in the state of Indiana under the Obama administration illustrates the lingering recovery from the 2008 financial crisis.



Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics produced this visualization, which is of interest to Hoosiers.

It captures the sharp increase of joblessness as the Great Recession hit hard in 2009. But it also shows that despite political rhetoric, Indiana may have reached a level of recovery under President Obama.

Much of the 2016 presidential campaign rhetoric centered on the economy, specifically on the creation of jobs in the industrial Midwest.

Jobs were an issue of particular interest to voters in Indiana.

At the height of the Great Recession, unemployment levels reached a high of 10.9% in June of 2009.


Compared to the BLS’ national averages, the Hoosier state started at a lower level but once the effects of the crisis set in, it averaged an unemployment rate of almost a full percentage point higher than that of the country as a whole.

Voters didn’t forget that feeling of desperation between 2009 and 2014. The “America First” candidate Donald Trump was able to capitalize on that lingering feeling while the data shows that Indiana unemployment levels actually fell to below 2009 rates by the end of former President Obama’s term.

Now-president Donald Trump predicated much of his candidacy on bring back jobs. He seemed to follow through on that with his controversial Carrier deal during the transition in November 2016.

In four or eight years time, another graph will be able to pass judgment on President Trump’s effect on Hoosier unemployment rates.


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